Hi blog world. I'm DJ Brock.

Recently I was going through some old letters and found a thank you note from the first wedding I ever did. Although the mother of the bride wrote the letter in 2001, the wedding was held near the end of 2000 while I was still 16. I'll never forget the look on the bride's face when she met me for the first time right before her wedding started. You could just see her thinking, "Is this kid even old enough to drive and did I just make a huge mistake hiring him to DJ my wedding". Well, even though I called all the men out for the bouquet toss and most likely made some other mistakes I don't even remember, the bride, groom, and guests had a blast. DJ Brock Weddings was born.

14 years later and here I am composing my first blog. Quite frankly I'm ignorant as to blog norms, etiquette, and structure; however, this doesn't excuse me from diving in. The time has come as I’ve read too many articles advising small business owners on the importance of blog writing. I’m slightly concerned once I board the blog train there's no getting off but I've decided tonight I'm taking the plunge :-). Can somebody just show me where the spell check button is located lol?

In closing, fear of the unknown has surely inhibited so many from attempting even the smallest of goals. Trust me, DJing my first wedding at such a young age was very intimidating and at times I felt like quitting before Becky & Philip’s big day; however, had I never pushed past those fears (prayer definitely helped) I wouldn't have discovered how much I love DJing weddings. I hope this first blog inspires you to give that unfamiliar task a try because if you do, I doubt you’ll ever forget the experience.

For questions or comments please feel free to contact me at DJBrockWeddings@gmail.com or 1-800-876-5953. Although I primarily serve the Lake Tahoe area, I enjoy traveling all over to DJ weddings. www.DJBrockWeddings.com