10 Reasons Why You Need A Professional DJ for Your Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding it’s natural to consider budget cuts. However, some things are worth the cost – a great DJ is one of them. A wedding is one of the most momentous occasions in one’s life and let’s be honest, no one forgets the music at a wedding. Here are a few reasons why you MUST HAVE a professional DJ at your wedding.


You can’t grab the stereo from your living room and expect it to give you music loud enough to be heard in a large room. You need something bigger and more elaborate. If you’re dealing with an inadequate setup, it may break down or otherwise give you poor sound. An experienced DJ will have the right supplies and be prepared.

On-Time Service

If you hire a cousin or neighbor to handle the music, they may not show up on time or early enough to setup properly. This will leave you up a creek when it comes to entertainment. A good DJ won’t let you down. Also, transporting equipment to the wedding on time is also extremely important. Did you know that DJ Brock weddings has 2 identical SUV’s to ensure a morning of the wedding mechanical issue wouldn’t prevent equipment from being delivered on time?

Someone to Handle Requests

You want music that caters to all walks of life. A DJ has an extensive library with thousands of songs at their disposal. Additionally, a seasoned DJ will know when to incorporate certain requests to ensure the dance floor never empties. Once you lose the crowd, good luck getting everyone dancing again.


A professional DJ isn’t going to step up to the microphone and tell embarrassing family stories. They will have your comfort in mind.

Music Catered To Your Audience

Great DJs know how to get a crowd to move or wind down. They know how to set the mood. If you attempt streaming a playlist you risk having lyrics support other than wedding appopirate themes/messages or music that doesn’t always mesh properly with your big day.

An Understanding of the Rules

A friend or family member manning the music may feel they can get away with sneaking off to socialize or periodically respond to random text messages but a professional DJ will follow whatever rules you give them.

A Host

It’s fun to have someone introduce you, your spouse, and even your bridal party as you enter the room, and a DJ can do this. They are much more than a person who stands behind a booth. They help bring everything together and keep things moving at the pace you determine.

Fewer Worries

You have enough to deal with – a DJ will handle the music, leaving you free to focus on having fun.


A quality DJ cares about their reputation as much as you care about your special day. Your happiness is a crucial goal.

Excellent Presentation

A professional DJ understands the importance of appearances. They won’t arrive in outdated attire and scuffed up shoes for your formal event.

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